February 9, 2012

Alrightly folks, its been forever since our last post back in April of 2011. Hol-eeeeeee shit! Let me just say, a whole lot of stuff went down over the last couple of months and as a result, LNG is under fresh new management including name change. I’m still here, and Sophie has since moved on, while Maya has willingly and deservingly taken her spot. The ceremony was truly wonderful, and over the course of a few months, Maya has quickly risen from chauffeur to CEO (actually both) of CG!!!! Now, you may be wondering how do I feel about this? Well, I’m still EFC. That’s Executive Food Connoisseur for those that are curious. Its a huge fuckin’ deal. With a lovely new face and zero restrictions, Maya and I are both willing to travel long distances for some hearty chow. But what can I say. With all this freedom comes responsibilities and sometimes it gets a little tricky weeding out bad eats. We’ve fallen victim of ‘trendy’ decor, the outside is nice or the inside looks like a cute little beach house. Well, its all a masquerade folks and usually translates as “bad idea”, which thusly explains our high count of misses/hits ratio. As Maya put it bluntly, “If we can make it at home, its not worth buying at a resturant. You should have some sort of expectation when dining out because they [the chefs] have access to all the finest ingredients. When that fails to happen, you have a sad state of affairs and hungry stomachs left disappointed.” Bravo, my little padawan, bravo! So there you have it, a new season of eats is coming your way very soon.