April 27, 2011

Hello neglected foodies and grubbers! Now this post is a bit off topic, but I thought I’d give y’all some useful information: I took a trip to I-HOP recently and after I finished my meal, the manager handed me a form to fill out. Did I feel special? A bit, yes, but uncertainty refrained me from emotional outburst. What was the meaning of this piece of paper? A form requesting that I, Hannah, join the ranks of the Pancake Revolution. Was I even ready for such a commitment? … But the first thing to blurt out of my mouth was, “Does this cost anything?” to which was met by a casual, “No, its just a promotion.”


That seems to be the case for everything nowadays. At least with gym hopping—but that’s another story. So, I’m sure by now your scratching your heads trying to muster some explanation—vague and feeble though it may be—as to what this so-called “Pancake Revolution” is about, eh?

All in all, you’re signing your life away to guzzle down god-knows-how-many-calories, but its free! It totals to about three free *Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity meals [sounds like an innuendo, but its G-Rated folks], including one on your birthday! But who really goes to I-HOP on their birthday? Unless you’ve been on an overnight drunk the day before and find yourself frothing for a stack of pancakes that have been nestling under a heating lamp. Sometimes you just have to chomp down and bear with it and its a nice gesture from I-HOP considering their competition. MAKE ME FAT, AMURICA!!!!! Bottoms up! So there you have it, my little dash of foodie wisdom to all our loyal followers! FYI—Pancake Revolution is only valid at the I-HOP where you sign up!!!!

*Meal includes two eggs, two stripes of bacon, two pork sausages, and two buttermilk pancakes topped with strawberries and blueberries/or cinnamon apple with whipped cream.

April 27, 2011

I’ve never had it for two reasons:

1. The name sounds deceiving.
2. Modified cornstarch, potassium sorbate, and “natural flavor” creep me out.

YOU: Miracle Whip/Mayo/None???
If you’re curious AND daring, free samples are available online.

November 19, 2010

Started somewhere around ten thirty. Each minute ticking by, nearing its eleven o’clock close. Pilgrim Kitchen has been one of the best little bakeries known to our family since—well, forever. When special occasions arise, so does a pink pastry box full of two dozen generously glazed fresh and puffy donuts… or if its a really special occasion—danish pastry, mmm.

Sophie and I got there just as the late night rush had reached its peak. A group of girls talked fervently by the open window as three officers chatted casually about work with a Belmont local at the counter—acting as if this was their special hangout. But I guess its true, cops like their coffee and donuts. Two families arrived around the same time we did, most of the seats were taken except for the patio outside. It was a nice atmosphere, cozy and laid back. Ivan Pavlov once did an experiment with dogs, a form of classical conditioning; and unknowingly, this same technique was put to use last night and was proven true. With everything on display, teasing us through a glass barrier, combined with the smell of fresh pastries wafting into our nasal cavities—our stomachs began to growl like savages. Sophie and I made a mental tally count of all the cookies and pastries we wanted, which consisted of just about everything on display. Unfortunately it went over our four dollar budget.

Now, we don’t want to rock the boat or anything, but we both thought that this place offered better service and better pastries than Heidi’s Pie, including pie. Any pie at Pilgrim is $3.50 a piece and coffee runs at $1.40, nothing on their menu exceeds five dollars unless you order a whole pie/cake, etc., but something tells me Pilgrim is the winner all around when it comes to baked goods. No, its not open 24/7, but its clean, everything looks fresh, and they definitely have a loyal following. Compared to Pilgrim Kitchen, Heidi’s Pie resembles your mediocre truck-stop diner; dimly lit, full of obnoxious screaming children, the smell of stale cigarettes lingering in the air, and elderly people scrutinizing young adults for their arrogance.

We finally settled for two cookies each, which rang us at $2.17 total [50 cents for a generously-sized cookie is a steal]. The two of us went a little festive for Halloween too. Sophie ordered a pumpkin and raspberry cookie and I went for the witch and Mexican wedding cake. We munched and chatted amongst ourselves, seeing the contrast in patrons at Pilgrim compared to all the other places we’ve been. This is where the ‘good kids’ come hang out with their friends as they talk shit about school and their parents, where families stop by for a late night treat with their kids, or a spot where cops break for coffee whilst they intimidate the younger customers—sending bone chilling glares in our direction as they slurp their piping hot coffee down without the slightest trace of a grimace. Even though its located off the El Camino, don’t be fooled by its location or appearance because everything they make is delicious and reasonably priced. And if late night isn’t your forte, they’re open bright and early at 5AM for all you early birds out there.

November 18, 2010

Really great reviews from locals, Pilgrim Kitchen is a rare find! Krispy Kreme’s got nothing on them.

November 17, 2010

[in no particular order]

  1.  Pilgrim Kitchen [11PM]
  2.  Jack’s Prime Burgers & Shakes [12AM/F&S]
  3.  Tokai Sushi Bar [10PM/F&S]
  4.  Pizza My Heart [11PM/F&S]
  5.  Zorba’s Pizza [12AM/F&S]
  6.  In n Out [12AM/ F&S]
  7.  BJ’s [1AM/F&S]
  8.  Mimi’s Cafe [11PM/F&S]
  9. I-HOP [24hrs.]
  10.  Denny’s Diner [24hrs.]
  11.  Heidi Pies [24hrs.]
  12.  North Beach Pizza [10PM/M-Sun]
  13.  Yumi Yogurt [10PM/M-Sun]
  14.  Godfather’s Burger Lounge [10PM/Tues-Sat]
  15.  The Crepevine [10PM/M-Sun]
  16.  Buck’s [10PM/F]
  17.  Palo Alto Creamery [12AM/F&S]
  18.  The Van’s Restaurant [11PM/Sat&Sun]
  19.  Spices [11PM/F&S]

… any suggestions, please send our way!